LMF & LMG Connector Range

'LMF' and 'LMG' Connectors have a medium to low density range of contact arrangements, using from 1 to 26 contacts, housed in a range of shell styles, within 3 shell sizes.

Both ranges of connectors are suitable for use in exposed environments to the limits as detailed in specifications:

'LMF' to LMF/3/1
'LMG' to BB9522:F0014

There are two types within these connector ranges -

a) Aluminium with fine thread coupling, suitable for light-weight use.
b) Brass with coarse thread coupling, suitable for more rugged applications.

The 'LMF' RANGE, formerly known as MK4, is the forerunner of these ranges, and has a temperature category of -40ºC to +85ºC, with a limited environmental capability. Additional to the standard range of shell styles are Bulkhead Connectors (including thermocouple contacts) which will accept the full range of insert arrangements, and additional to insert arrangements are Concentric Connectors which are for single core high voltage applications.

Many plating options are available, including RoHS Compliant finishes and clean finish brass version extensively used in the nuclear, petrochemical and mining industry.

The 'LMG' RANGE, formerly MK7 (Patt.104), is an update on the LMF range with a temperature category of - 55ºC to +100ºC and has a more comprehensive environmental performance. This range does not include Bulkhead or Concentric style connectors.

Should the occasion demand, 'LMF' and 'LMG' connectors are intermateable within their respective styles and types. In this instance performance will be controlled by 'LMF' capability.

The full range of accessories outlined in the accessories section can be used on these connector ranges.

It is important for the user of these connectors and accessories to realise that aluminium accessories can be used on brass connectors. In certain hostile environments, e.g. Mines and Petrochemical areas, the use of aluminium is undesirable, therefore, care must be taken when ordering.