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LM200 - High Density 2mm Pitch Connectors

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LM200 - High Density 2mm Pitch Connectors


Weald Electronics presents LM200 connectors, featuring a high-density design with a two-row, 2mm pitch, designed to meet BS9525 F0033 speicfication. These connectors are well-suited for applications demanding superior vibration resistance and utmost reliability in both board-to-board and board-to-cable connections. With a compact footprint, the LM200 connectors enable increased packing density for efficient use in various scenarios.

Main Features
  • High density 2 mm pitch 2-part PCB connector
  • For board-to-board or board-to-cable applications
  • 7 sizes single row (2 to 17 way), 11 sizes two row (4 to 34 way)
  • Designed to meet BS9525 F0033 specification
  • Small footprint for increased packing density
  • High reliability circular contacts for increased vibration and shock resistance
  • Positive, mechanical latching available
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Typical Part Numbers
  • LM201F17C03U
  • LM201F2T03U
  • LM201F4C01U
  • LM202M18T03U
  • LM202M34L01L
  • LM202M8Y01U
Typical applications
  • Aerospace / Avionics
  • Defence
  • Industrial
  • Communication
  • Broadcast
  • Medical equipment